Perkinson_Family123Floral Design – for a totally local, organically grown beautiful wedding, fresh flowers are an important element. Our floral design team can arrange our field grown flowers into amazingly refreshing combinations. We offer full floral design services for bouquets, boutonnieres, altar arrangements, arbors, centerpieces, flower crowns, petals, and more. 

We strive for our flowers to be available to people with all budgets, so we offer everything from pick your own to full floral design. Our bulk flower buckets are a great option for DIY brides … we pick the flowers, and you take them to arrange into your own perfect creations. We provide a mixture of focal flowers, accents and filler so that it is straightforward for a group of talented folks to decorate for a wedding or special event.

Please email us for a price-list or to set up a consultation.

Flowers are sold in mixed bouquets at the farmers markets and at the roadside stand throughout the season from May through October. Lilies, forced bulbs and wreaths are available in November and December.

Market Schedule: May through December

Wednesdays: 2-6pm- River Arts District Farmer’s Market located on Clingman Avenue by All Souls Pizza.

Saturdays: 8am-Noon- in North Asheville at UNCA

All day everyday: Our on farm roadside stand has flowers available for purchase mid-May through mid-October. You can pick your own mid-July through mid-October or by special arrangement.

FLower3CSA - In addition to the produce CSA shares, flower bouquet shares are available as well. For $200 a fresh bouquet accompanies your box each week for the 20 week regular CSA season. The flowers will vary in variety and colors each week. They not only provide happiness and joy to those who appreciate them, but also great habitat for beneficial insects, and pollen to feed butterflies and bees.

flower6Bulk Flower Sales – Flowers are available by the bucket for you to arrange. The flowers change throughout the season – starting with bachelor’s buttons, daisies, and nigella early in the season –zinnias, sunflowers, and marigolds in the Summer – with lilies grown consistently during the season as well. The zinnias and sunflowers continue into the fall, joined by dahlias, celosia, sorghum, and amaranth. There are always a good variety of flowers blooming from the end of May until fall frost in mid-October. As we sell only what we grow, the exact flowers available will be clear 2-4 weeks before the event. Buckets are available in different sizes for different prices to fit your flower needs. Please email us for a price list. You pick may be available. Call or email to find out what we have available.
IMG_9642Pick Your Own- We allow guests to pick their own flowers on our farm from July through October. We charge by the bucket for this service and have multiple sizes of buckets available, ranging in price from $5-$20. These flowers can be used for a specific event or simply to brighten up your home. It is a fun family activity where you can observe flower blooms changing throughout the season and watch many butterflies and other pollinating insects doing their jobs. 

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