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Community Supported Agriculture

connects consumers to farmers. The farmers promise to do their best to grow a good mix of produce to feed the CSA, markets, and family. The CSA member commits to receiving a weekly box of fresh farm goods grown, harvested, washed and delivered by the farmers. The farmers and the customers are eating the same foods as the weeks go by, changing with the seasons and the weather. We offer a variety of options and pick up times and locations to meet your needs.

Choose from any of the following:

Traditional CSA Boxes - Full Shares:

For 20 weeks, from mid-May until the end of September, we will provide you with a box of freshly harvested produce from our farm, generally 10-12 items. The contents will vary as the seasons change and different vegetables, berries, and herbs ripen. We choose the food for the boxes, consciously selecting a good variety of the produce that we have available each week. We send out an email with the contents of the boxes, descriptions of any unusual produce, and recipes and cooking suggestions. This will be our 16th season providing this type of CSA share. It works well for people interested in trying new vegetables and folks who don’t want the hassle of wrestling with the market crowds.  It is a simple way to have some seasonal produce in life, and to have a connection with a local farm in the community. The value of the box almost always exceeds the amount paid, you benefit when we have a bumper crop. The cost is $525 for the 20 week season.

Traditional CSA Boxes - Half Shares:

This share is a smaller version of the full share. The details above apply to this share as well, except the box will contain approximately half the produce of the full share. The cost is $300 for the 20 week season.

Flower Shares:

For 20 weeks, from mid-May until the end of September, we will provide you with a bouquet arranged with flowers from our farm. The flowers also evolve along with the season starting with the pastels of spring and finishing up with the bold colors of autumn. The cost is $200 for the 20 week season.

Traditional CSA Box Plus Flowers:

We will provide for you both the box of produce and a flower bouquet each week for the 20 week season. The cost for the full share CSA box plus flowers is $700. The cost for the half share CSA box plus flowers is $500.

Market Share:

This share offers more flexibility than a traditional share. It’s more like a prepaid credit card. When you purchase a market share you have credit to use at any of our three weekly markets or at our roadside stand on the farm. You can use it to buy anything that we sell; plants, vegetables, berries, or flowers. You can use a little or a lot any time you shop with us. We will record your purchases at the markets and update your balance weekly. Or you will leave us a note at the roadside stand, on your honor, which we will enter weekly. There are 3 different options for the market share. You will receive 7% extra worth of value for paying us upfront for some of your food. For a $100 payment, you will receive credit for $107. For $200 payment, you will receive credit for $214. For a $300 payment, you will receive credit for $321.

Extended Season Share:

We offer this share at the end of the regular season. The boxes are available for 7 weeks up until late November. Along with fall greens and root crops, storage crops like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squash are available. The cost for the extended season share is $200.

The Details

The majority of our shares are designated for Wednesday afternoon pickup. We have a limited number of shares available for Saturday pickup.

Wednesday at the farm from 12:30 until…After the first few weeks, we will only staff this pick-up for a few hours and let you serve yourselves from a designated spot in the walk-in cooler in the packing shed.  This pick up is the most flexible for customers as you can come anytime after 12:30. Our self-serve farm stand will always be open for supplemental produce.

Wednesday at the RAD Farmer’s Market located at All Souls Pizza on Clingman Avenue in the River Arts District from 2-6pm.

Saturday at the North Asheville Market at UNCA from 8-12. 

Saturday at the farm from 8am until … This will be a self-serve pick up from the walk-in cooler in the packing shed.

We will let you know in late April when the first pick will be!

The Risk

When a share is purchased, the member accepts a risk of crop failure. Our crop insurance is growing a large variety, so that it is unlikely for all crops to suffer during the season.

Farm Policies for Traditional Shares

CSA_boxesOnce you have signed up for a CSA share and chosen your pick-up time and place, we will make you a box to pick up there every week.  If you cannot pick up your share, we encourage you to have a friend of family member pick up your box, or ask us to donate it to our favorite food gleaning charities, the Society of St. Andrews and The Lord’s Acre.  If you do forget or miss a pick up, we will bring your box back to the farm and store it in our walk-in cooler for another two days to give you an opportunity to pick it up. Because we offer boxes both Wednesdays and Saturdays, we can work with you to pick up your box another day occasionally if we have advance warning.  Let us know by Monday for the Wednesday shares and Thursday for the Saturday shares if you would like to switch days that week.  Please do not expect us to make you an extra box on Saturday if you forget on Wednesday and fail to let us know.  We will have already made your box and donated it. Let us know by e-mail or phone if you missed the pick up and want us to save your box for  you.  We ask you to return the empty boxes each week so that we can fill them again with more of our produce.


Farm Policies for Market Shares

Flowers w_AnnieDon’t forget to spend your funds! The farm stand is open every day starting in early April through December. Leave us a note in the money tube and we will deduct from your account. We sell at the North Market on Saturdays from 8-12 April through December and the RAD market on Clingman Ave Wednesdays 2-6. You can redeem your credit at any of these places. We will update you bi-monthly with your balance.

Click Here to Order for the 2018 Season!


To Join

To reserve your 2018 harvest share, a $100 deposit is due upon signing up. Payments may be paid in full or in $100 installments by check or cash. Payment may also be made through PayPal in monthly increments. The shares will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Click Here to Order for the 2018 Season!




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