Roadside Stand

We have a self-serve honor system produce stand on the farm where we sell only what we grow. We open in early April selling plant starts for your gardens. By the middle of May the greens are ready to harvest in abundance as are strawberries and the first flowers. The stand is open until the end of December with the availability of produce evolving as the seasons change. The stand has built-in compartments with ice packs which are changed daily and the produce is re-stocked throughout the day as we harvest and wash and bring produce down from our walk-in cooler. You are welcome to call or email for availability. We accept cash, checks or credit via PayPal.

 Every day all day: Self-serve honor system produce stand open on the farm April through December .

Tailgate Markets

Wednesdays: 2-6pm we are at the RAD Market located at All Souls Pizza on Clingman Ave, open May through November.

Saturdays: 8am-Noon- in North Asheville at UNCA, open April through December.